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Who We Are?

The Rocky Mountain Cloggers is a not-for-profit dance group that makes their home in Cranbrook, in the beautiful southeastern corner of British Columbia, Canada.  We were established in September of 1992 when CCI Instructor Susan Woods, moved from Victoria back to her home town of Cranbrook.  Since then our group has enjoyed many years of dancing and fellowship offering 4 levels of dance and a performance group.  We have done literally hundreds of public performances including 3 dedicated shows at the Key City Theatre and a 10 day dance tour representing Canada at the Austrian Alps Performing Arts Festival.

What is Clogging?

Clogging, or clog dancing, is a lively percussive dance where the dancers beat out rhythms with their feet.  It first started in the early 1700’s as settlers from Ireland, Germany, England, Scotland and other countries settled in the southern Appalachian Mountain area bringing with them their own styles of dance.  Because of this the dance form has steps reminiscent of Irish jig, English country dances, Scottish dances, African steps and rhythms and possibly even a bit of Cherokee Indian. 

Characteristic of clogging is the rhythmic beat that the dancers’ feet are continually making and the distinctive up and down body motion with the emphasis on the downbeat of the music. Traditional clogging involves fewer than ten basic movements, but these combine to make quite a variety of steps. New steps and styles from other dances such as hip hop and tap, Canadian Step Dancing, flatfooting and buck have made their way into today’s more contemporary style of clogging.

Traditional clogging was danced to banjos, fiddles or whatever the settlers had to bang or twang to make a lively tune. A dancer would improvise or show off his/her favorite steps. Each dancer and each area having a distinctive style. Eventually, these styles blended together to create what is now called clogging.  Today cloggers dance to many styles of music including bluegrass, country, pop, rock, Celtic and hip hop – anything with a lively beat and wear a double plated steel tap called a jingle tap to give them that distinctive sound.

Modern cloggers often do precision clogging, which means that all the dancers are doing the same step at the same time. Line dances are the most popular style of dance in many areas, but clogging can be done solo, in couples, small groups, or large groups and can include many different formations.

Workshops and conventions often include teachers introducing new line dances and a floor can have 100 or more dancers all doing the same steps. It’s something to watch!

Instructor - Susan Woods

I started clogging in the fall of 1988 with the Capital City Cloggers under the instruction of Reggie Paisley and a short 6 months later starting teaching.  Yup!!  I was hooked. 

Since that time I have enjoyed teaching to all levels and ages of dancers both here at my studio in Cranbrook and at festivals and workshops in Canada and the United States and achieved my CCI designation in 1999.  I am  the proud supplier of clogging shoes and accessories through my shop, Rocky Mountain Clogging Supply.

I have written and produced 3 dedicated clogging shows, performed with my group at an exhaustive list of community events and private functions, and had the honour of representing Canada in the Austrian Alps Performing Arts Festival.

Outside of my clogging life I enjoy the great outdoors; snowmobiling, quadding, waterskiing, wakeskating, skeet and trap shooting, hunting, dancing and my newest love - riding my shiny motorcycle across the country exploring. 

I am a grandmother of two beautiful granddaughters and am looking forward to many adventures with my son Chris along with his beautiful wife Yuka, and grandbabies Sara and Anna.


Mailing Address:
PO Box 18, 9856 Esquire Road
Moyie, BC  V0B 2A0

Studio Address:
Stages School of Dance

42 6th Avenue South
Cranbrook, BC